The 13th World Congress on the Internet in Medicine

October 15-18, 2008


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is a privilege to invite you to the 13th World Congress on Internet in Medicine, MedNet 2008 in St. Petersburg. Until 2007 all MedNet congresses were held in the Western world. Now, 33 years after the coupling of the Russian “Sojus-19” with the American “Apollo” we face the challenge to “couple” the visions of both Western and Russian medical and technical communities. If we want to share knowledge, we will need mutual standards: they function as the common language in order to understand each other. They are the pillars of the bridge between “East” and “West”.

While preparing for this meeting, we were struck by the enthusiasm of the Russian doctors, technicians and students. All of them are looking forward to meeting Western colleagues. Apart from learning from them, the Russian medical world now has the opportunity to present its skills and scientific work. Unfortunately lack of resources prevents many of them from presenting their scientific ideas abroad.

At MedNet2008 we will hear the local people speak about standards in mobile healthcare technologies. Attention will also be paid to the safety of (patient) data. From the Western part of the world there will be several presentations held about access to one-line patient health records.

Still, there is another reason to have this meeting in Saint Petersburg in this particular year. Namely, this year, The Society for the Internet in Medicine (SIM, based in the UK) has been replaced by a new legal entity. The entity’s official Dutch name is “Stichting Instandhouding Mednet” (we could keep the acronym SIM). We do understand that not everybody speaks Dutch, so we have called it “MedNet Foundation”. It was founded in the city of Zaandam. Actually, this is the same place where Peter the Great went in 1697. There, he learned how to build ships. Furthermore, we know that he was interested in medical practice. During his stay he became acquainted with several famous Dutch professors. In turn, in October West European doctors and other scientists will travel to St. Petersburg in order to exchange opinions and ideas.

Please do not miss this event. Submit your abstracts!

We promise you that there will be some time scheduled to enjoy the beautiful works of art found in the churches as well as in the Hermitage museum. Maybe, you might catch a glimpse of the famous medical collection of Peter the Great.

Hans van der Slikke                                                                                     Oleg Medvedev
Chair MedNet Foundation (SIM)                                                                  Chairman of Program Committee