The 3rd International Symposium
dedicated to academician A.N. Terenin

June 24–29, 2012, Repino, St. Petersburg, Russia


Acad. Alexander N. Terenin (1896-1967)


Academician Alexander Nikolaevich Terenin (1896-1967)
was the leading scientist in the field of photochemistry and photophysics in the former USSR.

His activity resulted in a number of important scientific discoveries and in the inventions of new methods, which now became conventional. Suffice it to say about the experimental detection of photodissociation of simple molecules by fluorescence of their radical products (1926), the discovery of extrafine structure of atomic lines (1928), the hypothesis about triplet character of metastable state of aromatic molecules (1943), the detection of spectral sensitization of internal photoeffect in semiconductors (1948), the discovery of triplet-triplet energy transfer (1952) and pioneer studies in the field of UV photoelectron spectroscopy (1961). In 1958 A.N. Terenin was elected an Honorary Member of the English Chemical Society and the French Physico-Chemical Society. He was awarded the Vavilov Gold Medal in Physics (USSR, 1954), the Ciamician Gold Medal (Italy, 1959) and the Finzen Gold Medal (England, 1964). Now, a great number of Terenin's co-workers and followers continue the development his scientific ideas.