LXV International Conference on Nuclear Physics
«Nucleus 2015. New Horizons in Nuclear Physics,
Nuclear Engineering, Femto- and Nanotechnologies».
Conference is devoted to the 60th anniversary of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research

June 29 – July 3, 2015, Peterhof, Saint-Petersburg



Faculty​ of Physics of the St.Peterburg State University

1 Ulyanovskaya street, Peterhof, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
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Faculty of Physics of the St.Petersburg State Universiry is a community of top-level professionals in physics and related areas. Founded by outstanding scientists and lecturers, the faculty continues European tradition of universal education that makes ourgraduates not only specialists in a selected field, but also competent in all branches of natural science.
The Faculty was founded in 1933 on the basis of Physics Department organized in 1919 by D.S.Rojdestvensky. E. H. Lentz, O. D. Hvolson, A. N. Terenin, E. F. Gross, S. E. Frisch and V. I. Smirnov were its members. Three Nobel Prize laureates — N. N. Semenov, L. D. Landau and A. M. Prokhorov — have graduated from the Faculty.
The faculty is a research institution as well as educational; it incorporates huge research department, formerly Institute for Physics and Institute of Radiophysics. Most faculty lecturers work actively in their fields. This tradition results in creative integration of education and research work. Administration and contact information. Departments. Education and how to enter the Faculty. Partner Univesities. Location of the Faculty Campus in Petrodvorets and Vassilievskii Ostrov.

Conference will take place at the Faculty of Physics of the St.Petersburg State University

How to get to the Faculty of Physics of the St.Petersburg State University
here to see a map):
- From Saint Petersburg by train to the station "Universitet"
- By bus 404 (bus stop is near the Baltiyskiy railway station);
- By bus 424, 224, 210 (bus stops are near metro station "Avtovo" - red line)