LXV International Conference on Nuclear Physics
«Nucleus 2015. New Horizons in Nuclear Physics,
Nuclear Engineering, Femto- and Nanotechnologies».
Conference is devoted to the 60th anniversary of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research

June 29 – July 3, 2015, Peterhof, Saint-Petersburg


St.Petersburg State University
Russian Academy of Sciences
NRC "Kurchatov Institute"
Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute NRC "Kurchatov Institute"
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
LXV International Conference on Nuclear Physics "Nucleus 2015.
New Horizons in Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Engineering, Femto- and Nanotechnologies"
Devoted to the 60th anniversary of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research

June 29-July 3, 2015, St. Petersburg, Russia



M.V. Kovalchuk (St.Petersburg)-chairman
V.L. Aksenov (St.Petersburg), K.A. Gridnev (St.Petersburg), A.K. Vlasnikov (St.Petersburg) - co-chairmen
N.S. Zelenskaya (Moscow)- vice-chairperson

S. N. Abramovich  (Sarov), L. D. Blokhintsev (Moscow), V. E. Bunakov (St. Petersburg), S. N. Fadeev (St. Petersburg), P. E. Filyanin (St. Petersburg), B. S. Ishkhanov (Moscow), M. G. Itkis (Dubna), V. G. Kalinnikov (Dubna), L. V. Krasnov (St. Petersburg), N. A. Lyutorovich (St. Petersburg),  N. A. Maltsev  (St. Petersburg), V. M. Mikhajlov (St. Petersburg), Yu. N. Novikov (St. Petersburg), Yu.Ts. Oganessian (Dubna), A. A. Pasternak (St. Petersburg),  A. A. Rimskij-Korsakov (St. Petersburg), V. O. Sergeev (St. Petersburg), S. Yu. Torilov (St. Petersburg), V. I. Tselyaev (St.  Petersburg), M. G. Urin (Moscow), F. F. Valiev (St. Petersburg), L. I.  Vinogradov (St.  Petersburg), V. V. Voronov (Dubna), V. I. Zherebchevsky (St. Petersburg), N.K. Aseeva (Saint-Petersburg, Rustour LLC (Monomax Group))


S. T. Belyaev (Moscow), N. Burtebaev (Almaty), A. Duisebaev (Almaty), W. Greiner (Frankfurt),  K. Kuterbekov (Astana), V. A.  Matveev (Dubna),  J. Hamilton (Vanderbilt), S. Hofmann (Darmstadt), W.  von Oertzen (Berlin), J. Vaagen (Bergen), X. Vinas (Barcelona), M. Zhukov (Goeteborg)



Section 1. Experimental study of nuclear properties and fundamental interactions:
- neutron-rich nuclei;
- nuclei far from the stability valley;
- giant resonances;
- multiphonon and multiquasiparticle states of nuclei;
- high-spin and superdeformed states of nuclei;
- beta decay of nuclei;
- synthesis of superheavy elements.

Section 2. Experimental study of nuclear reactions:
- reactions with radioactive nuclear beams;
- reactions with polarized particles;
- reactions with electrons and gamma-rays;
- reactions with heavy ions;
- fusion and fission of nuclei;
- multifragmentation of nuclei;
- reactions with neutrons and ultracold neutrons;
- reactions induced by the elementary particles.

Section 3. The theory of atomic nucleus and fundamental interactions:
- nuclear many-body problem;
- microscopic description of nuclear collectivity and its interaction with single-particle motion;
- non-linear nuclear dynamics;
- meson and quark degrees of freedom in nuclei, mesoatoms;
- hypernuclei and other exotic systems;
- nucleus interaction with atomic shell electrons;
- theories of elementary particle interaction and conservation laws;
- application of nuclear and particle physics to the astrophysical objects;
- clusters in nuclei and Bose-Einstein condensation.

Section 4. Nuclear reactions theory:
- theory of direct nuclear reactions;
- theory of multiple scattering;
- statistical theory of nuclear reactions;
- theory of reactions with clusters and heavy ions;
- theory of astrophysical nucleosynthesis;
- relativistic theory of nuclear collisions;
- theory of polarization phenomena in nuclear reactions;
- theory of the proton, two-proton and cluster radioactivity and fission of nuclei;
- theory of photonuclear reactions.

Section 5. Application of the theory of few-particle systems to nuclear and atomic physics:
- application of Faddeev and Faddeev-Yakubovsky equations;
- application of hyperspherical and adiabatic hyperspherical methods;
- application of asymptotic methods for investigation of few-particle wave functions asymptotics;
- three-body Coulomb problem;
- few-particle systems on the lattice;
- few-particle systems with reduced dimensionality

Section 6. Nuclear physics experimental technique and its applications:
- instruments and methods of nuclear-physics experiments;
- nuclear experiment simulation and data analysis;
- nuclear databases;
- radiation detectors;
- nuclear methods in medicine;
- accelerator technologies;
- radiation technology in micro- and nanoelectronics for the creation of new materials;
- channeling of nuclei and elementary particles;
- problems of radiation reliability;
- nuclear and radiation safety, radioecology;
- problems of nuclear power reactors and radioactive waste treatment;
- fundamental problems of thermonuclear energetics;
- experience and problems of nuclear physics education.

The working language is English.
The program includes plenary (talks up to 30 min.) and topical parallel (oral talks 15 min. or poster) sessions.  Participants are provided with laptop and multimedia projector (Microsoft Power Point software).


 The book of abstracts will be published and distributed among participants during the Conference. We kindly ask to submit the abstracts of talks to Dr. Aleksandr Konstantionovich Vlasnikov (email: nucleus2015@mail.ru, subject: Nucleus 2015 abstracts) by April 1, 2015.  
  The email should contain the information on:
  - section number;
  - name of reporter;
  - desirable form of presentation (plenary, topical or poster session).
 The text of abstracts should be prepared by MS Word in English using Times New Roman fonts and should not exceed strictly one page of A4 size (210mm x 297 mm, left margin 30mm, upper margin 20 mm, right margin 20 mm, bottom margin 20 mm) including figures, tables and references. The title font size is 16 pt, bold, centered, line spacing 1.

 The authors list should be typed using 14 pt fonts, line spacing 1. Names of authors are after surnames and separated by a break from surnames. The list of organizations should be typed in italic, 12 pt fonts, line spacing 1, with semicolons between names of the organizations, each organization in separate line. If the authors work in different organizations these organizations should be enumerated with the numbers given in the superscripts after the author's name in the list of authors and in superscripts before the name of organization in the list of organizations. Email addresses of speakers must follow a list of organizations on a single line (font size 12 pt, line spacing 1). The body of a text should be prepared using 14 pt fonts, line spacing 1.

 The bibliography list (12 pt) should be enumerated and the reference numbers in a body of the abstracts should be in brackets. The author's name in the bibliography should be before surname without any break between them. Only monochrome images of high contrast are allowed. The figures captions should be prepared using 12 pt, italic.

 The template of the abstracts is attached to this email.

 Permission for publication of abstracts (for authors from Russia) should be sent by fax (+7 (812) 428 7240, Dr. A.K. Vlasnikov). The Proceedings of this Conference will be published by the journals "Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Physics", "Nuclear Physics and Engineering" (for talks presented at topical parallel or poster sessions) and "Physics of Atomic Nuclei" (for talks at plenary and semiplenary sessions). During the conference authors must submit to the Organizing Committee materials processed according to the rules of these journals. For authors from the Russian Federation articles must be accompanied by permission for the publication from the organization, which carried out the work. Articles sent to the Conference by email are not accepted.


The Conference will be held at the Peterhof campus of St.Petersburg State University situated near the famous palaces, fountains and parks of former residence of Russian tsars “Peterhof”, during the period of wonderful white nights.


The registration of participants and accompanying persons is organized from the Conference website. Conference Service Agent Rustour LLC (Monomax Group) provides participants with the tourist visa support papers (hotel confirmation & voucher). The details of visa support is publshed on the Conference Website http://www.onlinereg.ru/nucleus-2015.
The participants are asked to acknowledge receipt of the invitation and the visa.


For participants outside Eurasian Economic Union the registration fee before (after) April 20, 2015 amounts to 300 (350) euros for participants and 150 (170) euros for accompanying persons.  It includes the book of abstracts (for participants only), the welcome reception, one excursion, banquet and coffee breaks. The hotel costs are not included in the registration fee. The booking of hotel rooms will be organized directly from the Conference Website. The details of rules are published on the Conference Website.


April 1, 2015 for abstracts.
May 29, 2015 for payment of registration fee.