LXV International Conference on Nuclear Physics
«Nucleus 2015. New Horizons in Nuclear Physics,
Nuclear Engineering, Femto- and Nanotechnologies».
Conference is devoted to the 60th anniversary of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research

June 29 – July 3, 2015, Peterhof, Saint-Petersburg




Peterhof, June 29, Monday, 15:00
Plenary Session I

Popov M.V.

Conference opening talk.  30 min.

Kamerdzhiev S.P.

On microscopic theory of radiative nuclear reaction characteristics.  30 min.

Bunakov V.E.

Quantum chaos in nuclear physics.  30 min.

Feofilov G.A.

Centrality and multiparticle production in ultrarelativistic nuclear collisions.  30 min.

St. Petersburg, June 30, Tuesday, 10:00

Plenary Session II

Aksenov V.L.

Russia neutron landscape. 30 min.

Joint talk:

Present status and perspectives of investigations at JINR.

Exotism of nuclei.

Reporter Penionzhkevich Yu.E.  40 min.

Korenkov V.V.

Distributed computing and Big Data at JINR.  30 min.

Kamanin D.V.

Searching for new kind fission isomers in actinide nuclei.   30 min.

Joint talk:

Double-neutron capture reaction and natural abundance of 183W, 195Pt, and 199Hg isotopes.

Measurements of the 195mPt isomer yield in irradiations of 193Ir targets with neutron flux.

Controversies on cold fusion.

Reporter Karamian S.A.  30 min.

Egorov V.G.

DANSS – detector of the reactor antineutrino based on solid scintillator.   30 min.

St. Petersburg, June 30, Tuesday, 15:30

Plenary Session III

Khlebnikov S.V.

On the 75th anniversary of the discovery of spontaneous fission.  30 min.

Wong Cheuk-Yin.

Annihilation of antinucleons with nucleons and nuclei.   30 min.

Manzari V.

The new inner tracking system of the ALICE experiment: physics, design and performance. 30 min.

Ogloblin A.A.

Nuclear size isomers.  30 min.

Kadmensky S.G.

The asymmetries with various P- and T-parity in the angular distributions of the products of binary and ternary fission of oriented nuclei by cold polarized neutrons and T-invariance. 30 min.

Goldberg V.Z.

Mystery of 9He, exotic neutron rich light nuclei, and a way to study these through their isobar analog states. 30 min.

Peterhof, July 1, Wednesday, 9:00

Semiplenary Session I

Tchuvil’sky Yu.M.

Quantitative charactristics of clustering in modern microscopic nuclear models.  20 min.

Gontchar I.I.

Systematic comparison of heavy-ion fusion barriers calculated within the framework of the double folding model using two versions of nucleon-nucleon interaction. 20 min.

Rubchenya V.A.

Prompt neutron characteristics in the spontaneous fission of heavy and superheavy nuclei.  20 min.

Gridnev K.A. et al.

Properties of nuclei for wide range of Z in the neighborhood of neutron and proton drip lines. 20 min.

Severyukhin A.P.

Structure of 2+1,2 states in 132,134,136Te.  20 min.

Volya A.

Features of the nuclear many-body dynamics: from pairing to clustering.  20 min.

Artemenkov D.A.

Clustering features of light neutron-deficient nuclei in nuclear fragmentation20 min.

Peterhof, July 1, Wednesday, 9:00

Semiplenary Session II

Chernyshev B.A.

Search for light neutron-rich isotopes in stopped pion absorption20 min.

Gurevich G.M.

First measurement of the proton spin polarizabilities. 20 min.

Skobelev N.K.

Influence of nuclear reaction mechanisms on population of exñited nuclear states and isomeric ratios. 20 min.

Varlamov V.V.

Data for photoneutron reactions from various experiments. 20 min.

Lyashuk V.I.

Intensive hard neutrino source on the base of lithium. Variants of creation and accelerator conception.  20 min.

Ryzhkov S.V.

Combined schemes of the magneto-inertia confinement of high temperature plasma. 20 min.

Peterhof, July 3, Friday, 12:30

Plenary Session IV

Shlomo S.

A novel method for determining the mean-field directly from the single particle matter density: Application to the measured charge density difference between the isotones 206Pb – 205Tl.  30 min.

Urin M.H.

Gamow-Teller resonances in the compound-nucleus 118Sb: puzzles of the Sarov’s experiment.  30 min.

Lutostansky Yu.S.

Superheavy nuclei synthesis in high intensive pulsed neutron fluxes.  30 min.

Karpov A.V.

NRV Web knowledge base on low energy nuclear physics. 30 min.

Conference closing


July 1, Wednesday, 14:00

Section I

Experimental Investigations of Atomic Nucleus Properties

Novatsky B.G.

Search for nuclear stable multineutrons in the ternary fission of 232Th induced by accelarated α-particles.  15 min.

Izosimov I.N.

Isobar analogue states (ias), double isobar analogue states (dias), configuration states (cs), and double configuration states (dcs) in halo nuclei. Halo isomers.  15 min.

Danilov A.N.

Search for cluster rotational bands in 11B.  15 min.

Demyanova A.S.

Search for states with abnormal radii in 13C.  15 min.

Korotkova L.Yu.

Search for rare cluster configurations in the nucleus 14C in the reaction 14Ñ(,pd)X.  15 min.

Dyachkov V.V.

The study of the phenomenon of "dissolution" of alpha-clusters and the formation of the mean field in the transition from light to medium nuclei.  15 min.

Joint talk:

Evolution of N = 40 neutron subshell at 20  Z  30 within the dispersive optical model.

Neutron single-particle structure of Mo isotopes within the dispersive optical model.

Reporter Klimochkina A.A.  15 min.

Govor L.I.

Investigation of 164Dy in (n, n’γ) reaction.  15 min.

July 1, Wednesday, 14:00

Section II

Experimental Investigations of Nuclear Reactions Mechanisms

Sobolev Yu.G.

Modern methods of total reaction cross section studies, features, results and perspectives.  20 min.

Bystritskii V.M.

Study of the pd- and dd-reaction mechanisms in the deuterides of metals in astrophysical energy region.  15 min.

Zelenskaya N.S.

Angular correlations in 27Al(p,1)24Mg reaction at Ep = 7.4 MeV.  15 min.

Joint talk:

Double differential and integral cross-sections of (p,xp) and (p,x) reactions on Co nuclei at Ep = 30 MeV.

Spectra of light particlies from interaction of 50.5 MeV 3He ions with 27Al.

Reporter Zholdybayev T.K.  15 min.

Jakovlev V.A.

Analysis of neptunium and plutonium tracer cross sections in the p and 3He induced reactions.  15 min.

Konobeevski E.

The use of d(d,n)3He reaction as a tool for neutron detectors examination.  15 min.

Mordovskoy M.V.

Setup for studying pp-correlation effects in d + 2H→(nn)+(pp) and 3He+2H3H+(pp) reactions.  15 min.

Dudkin G.N.

Study of the d(4He,γ)6Li reaction at ultralow collision energy region.  15 min.

Sakuta S.B.

Elastic and inelastic scattering of deuterons on 7Li nuclei at 25 MeV energy and mechanism of the 7Li(d,t)6Li reaction.15 min.

Mukhamejanov Y.

Elastic and inelastic scattering of deuterons from 11B nuclei. 15 min.

July 1, Wednesday, 14:00

Section III

The Theory of Atomic Nucleus and Fundamental Interactions

Ganev H.G.

Contraction limits of the proton-neutron symplectic model. 15 min.

Joint talk:

Collective states of nuclear in the nucleon pair approximation and generalized seniority.

Nuclear shape phase transition at the nucleon state and bozon mapping approach.

Reporter Baktybayev K. 15 min.

Efimov A.D.

Combining RPA with IBM in 114Xe. 15 min.

Lunyov A.V., Mikhajlov V.M., Vlasnikov A.K.

Exact and approximate solutions to the effective BCS Hamiltonian for 124Te.  15 min.

Okhunov A.A.

Magnetic characteristics of the Yb isotopes.  15 min.

Martyanov D.S.

Nuclear Hamiltonian parameters for even-even actinides in soft-rotator model. 15 min.

Malov L.A.

Energy spectra of low-lying states in even-odd nuclei with Z= 96 108. 15 min.

Arsenyev N.N.

The 2p-2h study of low-energy dipole states in neutron-rich N = 80, 82 and 84 isotones. 15 min.

Tselyaev V.

Local-exchange approximation for the velocity-dependent terms of the Skyrme interaction. 15 min.

Tretyakova T.Yu.

The peculiarities of E1 resonances in 28Si and 30Si nuclei.15 min.

Gorelik M.L.

Unitarity of the particle-hole dispersive optical model. 15 min.

July 1, Wednesday, 14:00

Section IV

Nuclear Reactions Theory

Shebeko A.V.

Relativistic interactions in meson-nucleon systems: applications in the theory of nuclear reactions.  15 min.

Golovanova N.F.

Investigation of two spin states relativistic amplitude’s role in description of elastic p-p scattering data in energy range 2–7000 GeV in mathematical eikonal method.  15 min.

Krassovitskiy P.M.

Elastic protons scattering on 9,10Â isotopes at intermedium energy within the diffraction theory.15 min.

Temerbayev A.A.

Test of time-reversal invariance in a double-polarized pd-scattering.  15 min.

Afanasyeva N.V.

Photonucleon channels of 7Li, 7Be nuclei at ultralow astrophysical energies.15 min.

Ibraeva E.T.

Comparison of -mesons and protons scattering on 6,8Íå isotopes within the Glauber theory.  15 min.

Igamov S.B.

The S(E)-factors for proton capture by 6Li at the energies of astrophysical interest.  15 min.

Urazbekov B.

Manifistation of 9Be structure in direct nuclear reactions.15 min.

Galanina L.I.

Spatial periphery structure of neutron-excess 9,11Li isotopes.15 min.

Zelenskaya N.S.

Mechanisms of neutrons transfer at 9Be(t,p)11Be reaction. 15 min.

Zavarzina V.P.

Longitudinal momentum distributions in stripping reactions with halo nuclei. 15 min.

Solovyev A.S.

Description of the radiative capture reactions within the algebraic version of the orthogonality conditions model.15 min.

Mikhailova T.I.

Projectile fragmentation of 40,48Ca in a transport approach.15 min.

D’yachenko A.T.

Non-equilibrium equation of state in heavy-ion collisions at intermediate energies. 15 min.

July 1, Wednesday, 14:00

Section V

Application of the Theory of Few-Particle Systems to Nuclear and Atomic Physics

Popov Yu.V.

Theory of quasielastic laser-assisted atomic reactions.15 min.

Melezhik V.S.

Ultracold resonant processes in 1D and 2D atomic traps.  15 min.

Motovilov A.K.

Bounds on rotation of the spectral subspaces of a few-body Hamiltonian. 15 min.

Kolganova E.A.

The rare gas clusters and universalities. 15 min.

Roudnev V.A.

Manifestation of universality at the two-body threshold in three-body collisions: the modified Phillips line. 15 min.

Gradusov V.A.

Resonance states of 12Ñ nucleus in the 3α-particle model framework. 15 min.

Gusev A.A.

Metastable states of composite system tunneling through repulsive barriers. 15 min.

Krassovitskiy P.M.

Phase shifts of amplitudes of potential barrier resonance reflection and transition of the coupled pair of particles. 15 min.

Golovanova N.F.

Complex potential’s reconstruction in self-consistent description of particle-bound system's scattering by unitarity's conserving. 15 min.

July 1, Wednesday, 14:00

Section VI

Nuclear Physics Experimental Technique and its Applications

Maslov V.A.

High-resolution magnetic analyzer MAVR for separation and identification of reaction products. 15 min.

Kish Yu.V.

Study of (n, f), (n, γ), (n, 2n) and (n, spallation) reaction rates in 232Th samples irradiated by 4 GeV deuterons and secondary neutrons at the massive uranium target QUINTA. 15 min.

Joint talk:

W-Be photoneutron source of INR RAS.

Digital n-γ pulse-shape discrimination with nanosecond waveform digitizer.

Neutron activation analysis of aerosol filters at photoneutron source of INR RAS.

Reporter Zuyev S.V. 15 min.

Zherebchevsky V.I.

Investigations of the new generation pixel detectors for ALICE experiment at LHC.  15 min.

Maysuzenko D.A.

the recovery of the proportional counter operating aged due to silicon contamination. 15 min.

Smirnov À.À.

On a Possibility of Using CdTe-PIN Detectors for Investigations of the 239Np Decay. 15 min.

Morozov V.A.

Gas discharge processes in the standard and metal channel PMT’s. 15 min.

Stegailov V.I.

Stability of gamma-ray detection by HPGe detectors in continuous measurements up to six months long. 15 min.

Joint talk:

BIAS dependence of the energy resolution in planar HPGe detectors for low energy X-rays.

Fluctuations in the processes of charge induction in ionization-type detectors.

Reporter Samedov V.V. 15 min.

July 2, Thursday, 9:00

Section I

Experimental Investigations of Atomic Nucleus Properties

Inoyatov À.Kh.

The improved energy of the 21.5 keV M1+E2 transition in 151Eu.  15 min.

Stegailov V.I.

On the necessity of the precision investigation of the excited states in the Ho and Dy nuclei from the 156,158,160Er decay.  15 min..

Joint talk:

Effect of metallic matrix on probability of 910 eV transition in 154Eu nuclei.

On the decay scheme of 234Th nucleus β-decay.

Reporter Koltsov V.V.  20 min.

Rukhadze N.I.

Investigation of double beta decay of 58Ni.  15 min.

Rumyantseva N.S.

New limits of Majorana neutrino mass from combined analysis of 76Ge, 136Xe, 130Te and 100Mo neutrinoless double beta decay searching for experiments.  15 min.

Medvedev D.V.

Measurement of neutrino magnetic moment with the low-background germanium spectrometer GEMMA-II.  15 min.

Sushko A.A.

Application of neutrino-capture beta decay in tritium for measuring the spectrum of solar neutrinos.  15 min.

July 2, Thursday, 9:00

Section II

Experimental Investigations of Nuclear Reactions Mechanisms

Voskoboinik E.I.

Study of internal structure of Be and B isotopes in 3,4He + 9Be reactions.  15 min.

Janseitov D.M.

Experimental and theoretical investigation of scattering of alpha particles from 13C nuclei. 15 min.

Sadykov B.M.

Investigation of scattering processes of helium ions on 28Si nucleus at 5060 MeV. 15 min.

Erdemchimeg B.

Total reaction cross sections for 6,8He and 8,9Li nuclei at energies of (2545) A MeV on natAl and natPb. 15 min.

Avdeyev S.P.

Source velocity at relativistic beams of 4He. 15 min.

Riabov Yu.G.

Collective effects in small QCD systems at RHIC collider.  15 min.

Safonov A.S.

Particle production in Cu+Au and U+U collisions in PHENIX experiment at RHIC.  15 min.

Mamatkulov K.Z.

Study coherent dissociation of 10C nucleus in energy 1.2 GeV per nucleon.  15 min.

Martemianov M.A.

Temperature parameters for carbon fragmentation at 0.6 GeV/nucleon.  15 min.

July 2, Thursday, 9:00

Section III

The Theory of Atomic Nucleus and Fundamental Interactions

Shebeko A.V.

Some universalities in properties of the density matrices for finite nuclei (bound systems).  15 min.

Sushenok E.O.

β-decay rates of 54,56Ca. 15 min.

Kurteva A.A.

β-decay 65Zn65Cu. 15 min.

Panov I.V.

Beta half-lives predictions for neutron-rich short-lived nuclei. 15 min.

Joint talk:

Effect of intensely heated medium on branching coefficients for multibeta-decay nuclei.

Ionization degree of atomic K-shell and rate of p-nucleus synthesis in massive star interior.

Reporter Kopytin I.V. 15 min.

Kopytin I.V.

Activation of nuclear isomeric states by synchrotron radiation. 15 min.

Joint talk:

Nuclear-optical technologies of the new generation.

The Bohr-Weisskopf effect in the hyperfine splitting and the nuclear structure.

Reporter Karpeshin F.F. 15 min.

Fedotkin S.N.

Probability of the single-quantum annihilation of positrons averaged over atomic electrons. 15 min.

Lunyov A.V., Mikhajlov V.M., Vlasnikov A.K.

Unusual temperature dependence of the heat capacity at small pairing strengths. 15 min.

Romanov Yu.I.

On the possible presence of neutral (anti)leptons of all generations in the solar neutrino flux. 15 min.

Baurov Yu.A.

Standard lentons and next lepton in theory of byuon.  15 min.

Monakhov V.V.

Dirac matrices as elements of superalgebraic matrix algebra.  15 min.

July 2, Thursday, 9:00

Section IV

Nuclear Reactions Theory

Rachkov V.A.

Semi-empirical model of neutron rearrangement in quantum channel-coupling approach. 15 min.

Naumenko M.A.

Near-barrier neutron transfer in reactions with 3,6He. 15 min.

Sargsyan V.V.

Role of neutron transfer in fusion reactions at sub-barrier energies. 15 min.

Samarin V.V.

Microscopic time-dependent description of alpha-cluster transfer and incomplete fusion in reactions near Coulomb barrier.15 min.

Vechernin V.V.

Two-particle correlation function: the forward-backward vs di-hadron correlation approach.  15 min.

Guzey V.A.

The gluon distribution at small x from photoproduction of ψ(2S) mesons in ultraperipheral collisions at the LHC.  15 min.

Galoyan A.S.

Monte Carlo event generators for NICA/MPD and CBM experiments.15 min.

Suetin D.P.

Nuclear effects in diffraction scattering processes of protons on nuclei at high energies.  15 min.

Pozdnyakov S.S.

The 2 reggeons to 2 reggeon + particle effective vertex (A+ A+ A A Vν ) in the Lipatov effective action in the Regge kinematics. 15 min.

July 2, Thursday, 9:00

Section V

Application of the Theory of Few-Particle Systems to Nuclear and Atomic Physics

Malykh A.V.

Universal description of rotational-vibrational spectrum of three two-component particles with contact interactions. 15 min.

Pomerantsev V.N.

Discrete spectral shift formalism for solving multi-channel scattering problems. 15 min.

Volkov M.V.

Potential splitting approach to the three-body Coulomb scattering problem.  15 min.

Ulyanov A.S.

Relativistic generalization of the method of multidimensional angular Coulomb functions for quantum-mechanical many-body problem solving. 15 min.

Yakovlev S.L.

Asymptotics of the binary amplitude for the model Faddeev equation. 15 min.

Pupyshev V.V.

Two-dimensional Coulomb scattering of a slow quantum particle. 15 min.

Rubtsova O.A.

solution of the discretized Faddeev equations on a graphics processing unit.  15 min.

Zaytsev A.S.

A Quasi Sturmian approach to two-electron continuum problems. 15 min.

July 2, Thursday, 9:00

Section VI

Nuclear Physics Experimental Technique and its Applications

Rebyakova V.A.

application of statistical Monte Carlo method for spectrometer calibration to determine the surface activity of the radionuclides deposited on the ground.15 min.

Marinov G.M.

Determination of distribution coefficients (Kd) of various radionuclides on UTEVA resin. 15 min.

Joint talk:

Restrictions for crystal undulator radiation.

Two types of channeling in crystals.

Volume capture to channeling in crystals.

Reporter Karamian S.A. 15 min.

Chirskaya N.P.

Mathematical simulation of radiation impact on heterogeneous microstructures. 15 min.

Velichkov A.I.

Hyperfine interaction in HfO2 studied by time differential perturbed angular correlation method using 172Yb. 15 min.

Dzhilavyan L.Z.

Emission of -quanta, electrons, positrons from characteristic targets at decays of produced in the targets 12N and 12B. 15 min.

Chuvilskaya T.V.

Electronic-positron structure of nuclear substance. 15 min.

Joint talk:

Cesium sorption by nanoparticles of clinoptilolite.

Sorption properties of magnesium-potassium phosphate systems.

Reporter Dikiy N.P. 15 min.

Zherebchevsky V.I.

The study of the nuclear reactions for the Sb isotopes production. 15 min.

July 3, Friday, 9:00

Section II

Experimental Investigations of Nuclear Reactions Mechanisms

Demekhina N.A.

Spallation reactions 197Au (11B, xn yp) at energy 24 MeV/N.  15 min.

Mendibayev K.

Multinucleon transfer reactions in 18O+Tà.  15 min.

Gauzshtein V.V.

Tensor analysing power components of the negative pion photoproduction on deuteron.  15 min.

Stibunov V.N.

Negative pion photoproduction on a deuteron by quasi-real photons at large proton momenta.  15 min.

Joint talk:

Cross sections of the reactions 14N(, 2n)12N, 14N(, 2p)12B, 13C(, p)12B.

Possibilities to separate IVE1 & IVE2 giant resonances by forward-to-backward asymmetries measured with neutron threshold detectors.

Reporter Dzhilavyan L.Z.  15 min.

Varlamov V.V.

Partial photoneutron reaction cross sections data for 63,65Cu and 80Se reliability.  15 min.

Pyatkov Yu.V.

Searching for rare ternary decays using “double-hit” approach15 min.

Pritula R.V.

Primary particles in stopped pion absorption reactions. 15 min.

Yakushev E.

Status of νGeN experiment at the Kalininskaya nuclear power plant for detection coherent neutrino Ge nucleus elastic scattering.  15 min.

Rozov S.V.

Status and first results of the EDELWEISS-III dark matter search experiment.  15 min.

July 3, Friday, 9:00

Section IV

Nuclear Reactions Theory

Ratis Yu.L.

On the underthreshold photonucleosynthesis phenomena.  15 min.

Ivankov Y.V.

Angular distributions of protons emitted at two-proton decays of spherical nuclei. 15 min.

Bulychev A.O.

The theory of multistep statistical decays in chains of genetically related nuclei. 15 min.

Fomichev A.V.

Neutrons in the cluster decay of a nucleus. 15 min.

Kostryukov P.V.

Conditions of the T-invariance for sequential multistep statistical nuclear reactions. 15 min.

Kadmensky S.G.

The sequential character of low-energy ternary and quaternary nuclei fission. 15 min.

Bunakov V.E.

The classification T-odd asymmetry for prescission and evaporative light particles in reactions ternary and quaternary fission by cold polarized neutrons. 15 min.

Lyubashevsky D.E.

The angular and spin distributions of the fission fragments with taking into account the fissile nucleus transverse oscillations near it’s scission point.  15 min.

Cheredov A.V.

Application of four-dimensional Langevin dynamics to study different features of heavy-ion-induced fission. 15 min.

Chushnyakova M.V.

Post-scission dissipative motion and fission-fragment kinetic energy. 15 min.

Unzhakova A.V.

Precise multidimensional potential energy surfaces for alpha-clustering, binary and ternary fission. 15 min.

Joint talk:

Collinear nuclear fission into three comparable fragments.

Effect of the electron screening on nuclear reactions.

Reporter Karpeshin F.F.  15 min.

July 3, Friday, 9:00

Section VI

Nuclear Physics Experimental Technique and its Applications

Korbut T.N.

A number of applied aspects of thermal reactor theory based on the particles birth-death model. 15 min.

Shabelnik I.K.

Particulate behavior in nuclear reactor coolant. 15 min.

Dolgodvorov A.P.

Modeling of nitride fuel under irradiation. 15 min.

Gazetdinov A.S.

Adaptation and solution of radiative transfer problem in multi-group diffusion approximation using the «FEniCS» open source project. 15 min.

Belyaev V.S.

On the possibility of a chain nuclear fusion reaction based on the reaction p+11B. 15 min.

Zheltonozhska M.V.

Study of the fuel-containing materials from the ChNPP shelter object. 15 min.

Krusanov G.A.

Energy dependence investigation of photon radiation quality factor. 15 min.

Joint talk:

Influence of element consist on a dose distribution from brachytherapy radionuclides.

The search for new radionuclides for a permanent brachytherapy.

Reporter Belousov A.V.  15 min.


Section I

Experimental Investigations of Atomic Nucleus Properties

Egorov O.K.

On new electron conversion lines from existing γ–transitions in 160Dy.

Klimochkina A.A.

single-particle characteristics of 208Pb within the dispersive optical model.

Kornegrutsa N.K.

Clustering features of the 7Be nucleus in relativistic fragmentation.

Zaycev A.A.

Study of 11C fragmentation in nuclear track emulsion.

Section II

Experimental Investigations of Nuclear Reactions Mechanisms

Mukhamejanov Y.S.

Study of elastic scattering protons from 14N nuclei at energies near the coulomb barrier.

Boboshin I.N.

Global features of shell structure of the Z = 20 – 50 nuclei.

Drnoyan J.R.

Investigation of isomeric states in the reaction d + 197Au at 4.4 GeV energy.

Gikal K.B.

Proton induced fission of 232Th at intermediate energies.

Gridnev K.A. et al.

Green’s function method in the theory of nuclear matter and atomic nuclei.  15 min.

Hovhannisyan G.H.

Some features of isomeric ratios in nuclear reactions induced by p, d, and .

Kattabekov R.R.

Investigation of cluster structure 12N nuclei in a coherent dissociation.

Kattabekov R.R.

Exposures of nuclear track emulsions to neutrons and heavy ions.

Mazur V.M.

Investigation of the excitation of the 11/2 isomeric state in the (,n)m reactions on the 138Ce nucleus in the 10 – 20 MeV region.

Mazur V.M.

On the contribution of the partial cross sections of the (γ,n) and (γ,2n) reactions into the total photo-neutron cross section for the 142Ce isotopes.

Zheltonozhska M.V.

Excitation of 179m2Hf.

Strekalovsky A.O.

Study of spectrometric characteristics of the diamond detector at the beam of heavy ions.

Strekalovsky A.O.

Testing of the Si pin diode on heavy ions.

Kuterbekov K.A.

Determination of neutron and proton components of nuclear substance for weakly bound nuclei from a comparative analysis of (åå΄)-scattering and measurement of total reaction cross-sections.

Dyachkov V.V.

Measuring shifts Blair and Fresnel phases is as a method for determining the magnitudes and signs of deformation even-even and odd nuclei.

Kotov D.O.

Strange mesons in p+p, d+Au, Cu+Cu and Au+Au collisions at 200 GeV in PHENIX experiment.

Morzabaev A.K.

elastic scattering cross section measurement of 13C nuclei on 12C at energy 22.75 MeV.

Palvanov S.R.

Excitation of isomeric states in the reactions (γ,n) and (n,2n) on 85,87Rb.

Palvanov S.R.

Investigation of the excitation of isomeric states in the reactions (γ,n) and (n,2n) on 45Sc, 82Se and 81Br.

Section III

The Theory of Atomic Nucleus and Fundamental Interactions

Akintsov N.S.

Energy characteristics of relativistic charged particle in a circularly polarized phase-frequency modulated electromagnetic wave and in the constant magnetic field.

Isakov V.I.

Gamma-decay transition rates and configuration splitting in the two-group shell model.

Isakov V.I.

On the properties of N = 50 even-even isotones from 78Ni to 100Sn.

Kartashov V.Ì.

Probabilities of magnetic toroidal mono-fields in the non-stationary processes of radioactive lutetium oxide.

Khomenkov V.P.

Study of penetration effects in 69.7 keV M1-transition in 153Eu.

Kolomiytsev G.V.

Damping of deep-hole states in medium-heavy-mass spherical nuclei.

Lin E.E.

Asymptotic models for studying kinetics of formation of compact objects with strong internal bonds.

Loginov A.Yu.

Bound fermion states in the field of the soliton of the nonlinear O(3) σ-model.

Mordovskoy M.V.

Quadrupole deformation parameter of even-even nuclei in the range of 58  A  250 and the coupled channel optical model.

Puchkov A.M.

Production of strange particles in the framework of multi-pomeron exchange model.

Sadovnikova V.A.

Zero-sound excitations in the asymmetric nuclear matter.

Safin M.Ya.

On double polarization asymmetries in the elastic electron-proton scattering.

Shebeko A.V.

Boost generators in the clothed-particle representation and their employment in relativistic nuclear calculations.

Syromyatnikov A.G.

Geometry-physics aspects of spatial anisotropy investigations.

Torilov S.Yu.

Decay of the quasi-molecular states in 26Mg.

Tretyakova T.Yu.

Pairing interaction in the f7/2 shell nuclei.

Section IV

Nuclear Reactions Theory

Baktybayev M.K.

One-step mechanism contribution to the neutron transfer in the (p,d) and (d,t) reactions on 11B nucleus.

Berezhnoy Yu.A.

Deuteron scattering from 12C and 16O nuclei in the α-cluster approach.

Denisov V.Yu.

Alpha-decay: empirical relations for alpha-decay half-lives and unified model for alpha-decay and alpha-capture.

Denisov V.Yu.

The minimal barrier height for symmetric and asymmetric nucleus-nucleus systems.

Denisov V.Yu.

Nucleus-nucleus potential with shell-correction contribution: barriers and subbarrier fusion.

Dzhazairov-Kakhramanov A.V.

Astrophysical S-factor of the proton radiative capture on 14C at low energies.

Fadeev S.N.

Low energy α+16O scattering in orthogonality condition model.

Generalov L.N.

High precision optical-model program code OPTMODEL.

Kovalchuk V.I.

Deuteron stripping on nuclei at intermediate energies.

Kovalchuk V.I.

Quasielastic scattering of 6He, 7Be, 8B nuclei from 12C nuclei.

Mikhailyuk V.P.

Deuteron scattering from 12C and 16O nuclei in the α-cluster approach.

Plavko A.V. Isospin and angular dependencies of spin-transfer probabilities Dls in unnatural-parity reactions at intermediate energies.

Plavko A.V. Transverse- and longitudinal- spin-transfer probabilities for unnatural-parity reactions at intermediate energies.

Plavko A.V. Unnatural-parity reactions in a factorized impulse-approximation model for polarization transfer (PT) and spin responses.

Rachkov V.A.

Sub-barrier fusion reactions of 6He with light stable nuclei and their astrophysical aspect.

Shebeko A.V.

Towards gauge-independent treatment of radiative capture in nuclear reactions: applications to low-energy cluster-cluster collisions.

Sorokin Yu.I.

Giant dipole resonance from Feynman oscillator point of view.

Tkachenko A.S.

The neutron radiative capture on 14C at astrophysical energies.

Section V

Application of the Theory of Few-Particle Systems to Nuclear and Atomic Physics

Blokhintsev L.D.

Analytic continuation of scattering data for systems with two or more bound states.15 min.

Samarin V.V.

study of ground states of He nuclides by Feynman’s continual integrals method.

Yakovlev S.L.

Asymptotic solution of the three-body Schrödinger equation for three particles in the continuum.

Section VI

Nuclear Physics Experimental Technique and its Applications

Abramovich S.N.

Calculation methodology of hypothetic isomer γ-reactors by the example of 178m2Hf.

Andreev A.V.

The method of registration of solar cosmic rays by neutron detection.

Andrianov V.A.

Recombination compensation in superconducting tunnel junction X-ray detectors.

Artiushenko M.

Study of natU(n,f), 238U(n,γ) and 59Co(n,x) spatial reaction rates in massive uranium target by irradiation with relativistic deuterons and 12C nuclei.

Filikhin I.N.

Symmetry violation and localized-delocalized states in double quantum wells.

Filosofov D.V.

Time differential perturbed g-g angular correlation method and some his applications (in condense matter study and chemical research).


Technology based on low-energy radiation in the production of semiconductor devices with MOS structure.

Kamnev I.I.

Lithium-loaded liquid scintillators on the base of methylnaphthalene-water microemulsion.

Kulich N.V.

Research of “hot particles” from Chernobyl nuclear power plant 30-kilometre zone.

Kuterbekov K.A.

High thermo-electric efficiency of the new nanostructured superionic materials.

Kuterbekov K.A.

Solar radiation conversion with mesoporous silica activated by rare-earth ions.

Lukin P.V.

Cherenkov radiation from electrons passing through human tissue.

Marinova A.P.

Separations of number of elements on UTEVA resin.

Morozova N.V.

Implementation of the autocorrelation method for determination decay mode of the luminescence centers of scintillators.

Mustafaeva S.N.

Dielectric properties and charge transport in electron-irradiated TlGaSe2 single crystal.

Nesterov E.A.

Development and research of radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis in oncology.

Nesterov E.A.

Technetium-99M generator: search sorbents for activation technology.

Pop O.M.

Definition of standard sets in rock samples.

Pop O.M.

Research database of gamma-spectrometric data of rock samples and building materials of Transcarpathia.

Popov A.V.

On the study of the decay of thorium-229 isomer.

Prokopev E.P.

Study by positron annihilation spectroscopy of condensed matter with an internal and external radiations.

Rozova I.E.

The S3 as an auxiliary detector for neutrino monitoring of a nuclear reactor.

Shumaev V.V.

Modelling of the interaction of powerful radiation with a condensed matter target in a magnetic field.

Skorkin V.M.

Monitoring system of radiation exposure proton linac.

Sotnikov V.

Experimental studies of the medical isotopes production using spallation neutrons generated in massive uranium target.

Spassky A.V.

The use of the 120-cm cyclotron for the study of combined effect of ionizing radiation and hypomagnetic conditions on the lettuce seeds.

Spirin D.O.

Software complex for simulation of introscopy and tomography systems.

Vakhtel V.M.

Recording system of multichannel temporal distribution spectrometer.

Vakhtel V.M.

Three-channel temporal spectrometry of radiation flux.

Valiev F.F.

Field generated by the passage of gamma rays through a liquid medium.

Vladimirova E.V.

Neutrino experiments data base.