XXVII International Conference
«Mathematical and Computer Simulation in Mechanics of Solids and Structures»
MCM 2017
Fundamentals of static and dynamic fracture

September 25-27, 2017


!! Articles for publication in the journal Procedia Structural Integrity should be drawn up strictly in accordance with the templates presented on the site (the link https://cloud.mail.ru/public/GkeR/JrMrdfBkX) and sent to the organizing committee at: bemfemspb@gmail.com until September 15, 2017.  Each paper in a Procedia issue shall consist of a minimum of 3 pages and a maximum of 8 pages. Articles of only those participants who paid the registration fee until September 10, 2017 will be published. All articles will be reviewed by members of the International Program Committee. 
Articles in the journal Engineering Fracture Mechanics will be selected by the program committee after the end of the conference based on its results.

Requirements for abstracts

Requirements for oral presentations: flash-drive, CD, removable drives.
Requirements for poster presentations: from A4 to A1 format.

Deadline for abstract submission is extended till August 15, 2017.

Requirements: template
Abstract length is limited to 2 A 4 pages (including figures and pictures)
prepared with Word 97 to Word 2010 using a 12-pt Times New Roman font with single line spacing.
Page margins: left - 3 cm, top and bottom - 2 cm, right - 1,5 cm.
References bold type, left-aligned, 12-pt, following type:
left-aligned, before the list of References, the text of gratitude is written in italics.

It is planed to publish the abstracts before the conference.

Criteria for inclusion of a paper in the Conference Proceedings: scientific paper focused on the topic of the session and processed in the desired format according to the template, paid conference fee, presentation of the paper at the conference.

The procedure of submission:  
1. For abstract submission you should be registered online.
2. Please enter your personal area using your login and password, click "Abstract submission" section.
3. Choose the preferred session and the type of presentation (oral or poster).
4. Fill in the abstract title (max. 15 words).
5. Fill in the email address of the presenting author.
6. Fill in the authors’ names (initials and family name) - one by one by pressing the button "Add".
7. Please select the presenting author. Details of all affiliations of all abstract authors: department, institution / hospital, city, country, contact details.
8. Please upload the Abstract text (doc or rtf. format, maximum 1 MB) - only text, i.e. not duplicate information about title, authors, etc. Abstract header will be created automatically.
Then press "Submit".
9. Check your Abstract by pressing "Preview".
10. Confirm your submission by pressing "Submit". After successful submission you will receive the confirmation (on your screen and by email). 

We pay attention to the order and conditions of participation, as well as the conditions for the publication of articles and abstracts.

1. Journals
- Engineering Fracture Mechanics 
- Procedia Structural Integrity
- Magazin of Civil Engineering 
- Marine Intellectual Technologies

Databases of Russian magazines: Web of Science, Scopus

2. Acceptance of abstracts and papers
Registration and acceptance of abstracts are extended until August 25. To include abstracts in the collection, you must pay the fee no later than August 25, 2017. Payment of the fee is a prerequisite for the inclusion of abstracts in the collection.
Registration for the conference and abstract submission (without publication in the collection) for inclusion in the program, presentation and publication of articles were extended until September 20, 2017.
An article on the material of the presentation will be published on the website, and will be accepted by the Organizational Committee solely in accordance with the requirements for article templateIn case the Program International Committee sends an article to a journal that has other requirements for publication, the participant will be notified about this after the end of the conference and a new template will be sent to him.
One of the authors of the article should necessarily make an oral or poster presentation at the conference otherwise the article will not be published. Distance participation is not allowed.