International Yoga Day Festival

20-21 June 2015,
Saint Petersburg, Russia


Visa Support                                                                                                                       

All foreign participants of the Festival must obtain a visa to enter the Russian Federation.

The Festival Service Agent Rustour LLC provides participants with the tourist visa support papers (invitation & hotel voucher) only for the dates of the Festival +/- a few days, but not more than 14 days in total.

To get the visa support documents you need to:

2. Book hotel accommodation through the system of online registration and to pay for it OR to book it on your own and to send us the hotel booking confirmation.
3. Go to the "Visa support" page and fill in the data required.
You are to choose whether you need a fax copy or the original. It depends on the country where you apply for visa. In some countries (Great Britain, China, Iran, Iraq, etc) Russian Consulates request originals. You should contact the Russian Consulate in your country and ask what their requirements are.
4. If accopmanyning person also need visa support documents, he/she should also be registed online.

Please find bellow prices of visa support:

visa invitation type


price, RUB




Tourist visa support
(scanned copy/fax)
Fax/scanned copy
(original tourist visa voucher + express mail expenses to Europe)
Period of delivery:
3-4 days
(original tourist visa voucher + express mail expenses to Australia, Asia, America)
Period of delivery:
5-6 days
(original tourist visa voucher + express mail expenses to Iran)
Period of delivery:
5-6 days ​​

- in order to obtain the visa your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the proposed date;
- according to the Russian Federation migration law concerning registration procedure of foreign citizens on the territory of Russian Federation hotels take all responsibilities for fulfilling this statement; that's why hotels take registration fee (nearly 5-10 EUR per person) that is to be paid by the guest directly to the hotel cash desk upon arrival;
- the deadline for Tourist visa support documents booking is May 20, 2015
- in some countries there are special requirements because of the visa agreements with Russia when the purpose of visit is TOURISM, f.ex.:

citizens of Abkhazia, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macau, Nicaragua, Peru, South Ossetia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukrain, Uruguay, Venezuela
can enter the Russian Federation without visa
citizens of Cuba, Montenegro, Serbia (biometric passport is required), Thailand, Turkey
can enter the Russian Federation without visa if the period of stay is not more then 30 days
citizens of Hong Kong
can enter the Russian Federation without visa if the period of stay is not more then 14 days
citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia
can enter the Russian Federation without visa but should have original visa support documents (invitation and voucher) with them
citizens of South Korea
can enter the Russian Federation without visa if the period of stay is not more then 60 days during a half of year

Visa support: 1 page A4, left side invitation letter (in Russian), right side voucher
(in English). 
Your visa invitation is issued by Rustour LLC (St. Petersburg, Russia).


- "Purpose of visit (Object of journey)" please state "TOURISM"
(please do not state any other purpose of visit as you are applying for a Tourist visa (its your visa category and type)). 
- "Directive number" you dont need to fill it in as its needed only when the Russian MFA in Moscow provides a support for you.
- "Name of the tourist company (Russian organization to be visited)": state "Rustour LLC".
- "Tourist company reference number" state MBT # 000392".
- "Number of confirmation" your visa support number (please see the number of the voucher).
- "Itinerary (place of visit in Russia)" - "Saint Petersburg" (and/or other cities you are going to visit in Russia).
- "Name and reference number of the tourist group" - state "Individual trip"
- "Who will pay for your trip to and stay in Russia" - state "Myself" or state a member of your family. 


*     Whether you will be asked in the Consulate about the place where you stay in Russia, please use the hotel name indicated in our voucher (right side of the visa support paper).
      This is also correct even if you stay at some other place during you visit, and streamlines the process of getting Russian entry visa.

**    Carefully check the arrival / departure dates to Russia which you indicate in the application. Once you are in Russia, you can not extend your visa period without going out of Russia.

***  According to the Russian migration law all foreign citizens coming to Russia must be registered in state authority or in the hotel (in case you are staying at the hotel) within first  7 working days from crossing the border. In case if you will not stay at the hotel please contact us upon arrival to obtain further registration instructions.
When crossing the border to enter Russia youd be asked to fill in the migration card. Do not lose it and keep until you leave Russia.

When you get the invitation letter, please, check your personal information carefully before applying for a visa.
In case of any mistakes immediately contact the representative of Rustour LLC (Monomax Group).

In case of any questions or need any assistance please do not hesistate contact us by email    or by telephone number + 7 (812) 335 2055 (ext. 120). 

Good luck with obtaining your visa!