Perspective technologies in vaccination and immunotherapy

October 5-8, 2018


Our abstracts in the e-library

Organizing Committee strives towards dissemination of the conference results. For this, we plan to publish conference proceedings in the electronic library (e-library) so that it can be assessed by readers allround the world. 

To make this possible, corresponding authors of the submitted abstracts need to sign an Agreement with the Publisher "SCIENTIFIC ELECTRONIC LIBRARY". We have prepared the text of this agreement based on the standard Authors Agreeement following the laws protecting the rights of the authors and of the publishers, similar in and outside Russia.

Here you can find the text of the agreement in English and in Russian.

At the registration, you will be kindly asked to sign the Agreement between all corresponding authors of the submitted abstracts and the Publisher. Abstracts not protected by this agreement will be withdrawn from the book of conference proceedings published on-line.