Perspective technologies in vaccination and immunotherapy

October 5-8, 2018


Contest of the presentations by young researchers

Thanks to the sponsorship of the MDPI journal “VACCINES”, TECHVAC2018 gave young scientists awards for the best presentations. The Organizing committee decided to give four awards:
• for the best oral (1st place), 200 euro and free publication in “VACCINES”; 
• for the best short oral/poster, 50 euro;
• for the second place in the contest of orals (150 euro);
• and the third place in the contest of orals (100 euro).

Totally the Organizing committee gave out awards for 500 euro. The awards were given by the decision of the independent board of experts with the members representing different countries and having different expertise in vaccinology, immunology and medical science.
The members of the committee: Prof Joon Rhee (South Korea), Prof Franco Buonaguro (Italy), Prof Andrei Kozlov (Russia), Prof Shan Lu (USA) and head of the committee Prof Ed Rybicki (South Africa).

The decision was made by voting.